Tuesday 21 September 2021

In barracks.

  Continuing to rest and I felt like reading this morning and am working my way through reading Duffy’s book on the ‘45. I have made notes on potential modelling ideas coming out it. Firstly there is a mention of the  MacGregors having a punt gun at the battle of Prestonpans. This would work well on the table top as a ultra light gun and make a splendid vignette. Secondly there is a mention of Highlanders carrying scythes in battle, like the ones in the Monmouth rebellion. Again modelling possibilities for a few figures in a mixed unit or separate sub unit. Also intrigued by the sailors present but no idea how to portray them in terms of 28mm figures.

The postman brought three parcels. Some old Robin Hood toy soldiers which I got for the Sheriff and Maid Marion. Secondly some Vendel Miniatures to add to my Middle Earth games and finally a book which I hope will feed  into civilian figures and possibly some gaming potentially too. 


  1. Can’t wait to see some golf in the Duchy Gardens! Hope the healing is going well!

  2. I really like those Vendel dwarves, they look lovely little figures. Hope you are on the mend as well!

  3. I can assure you, the one thing Sandy and I will NOT be doing is playing gold, even in Scotland... I'm hoping to get a hold of Duffy's book when I get back from my deployment. I actually have it at home. Bought it for herself to help explain some of the history behind Outlander...

  4. Gold :) :) - is that the Spandau Ballet song you won’t be playing or the game of golf? A fine gift for Sandy and great background reading.
    As a teenager I had a wee go at golf but kept losing balls in the gorse.As a child l loved pitch and putt and Crazy Golf. However l don’t play now and never will l think. I would do the golf from the past as a sort of re-enactment though. But not the Pringle jersey game of today.