Monday 21 March 2022

A road less traveled or the Petrie museum of Egyptology

 I came across this place mentioned in reading I was doing for a art history course ( which sadly was cancelled last term) about icons. It talked about the Roman period mummy covers as feeding into the influences on early icon painters. So I resolved to visit when in London. Last week gave me an opportunity.

Using my legendary , or infamous, or even non existent,map and sign reading skills l couldn’t  seem to find it. Eventually I asked a UCL employee for help and found it . It is a small, charmingly old school looking museum packed with fascinating exhibits. The person on the desk was very welcoming and there were only a few other folk in. Here are a few photos-

I would thoroughly recommend a visit, here is a link to the museum website-


  1. There are so many hidden gems of institutes museums collections etc.
    No excuse for having nothing to do.

  2. That looks an interesting rather overlooked museum , thanks for bringing it to my attention .

  3. Looks great - I shall mention it to a friend in London who will be keen to visit, I'm sure.