Wednesday 16 March 2022

Interwar Manoeuvre footage or The Portable Wargame as manoeuvres


The above are links to footage of British Army Manouvers in the interwar period. I am fascinated by the mix of the old and the new as mechanisation takes place, yet the cavalry have their place too. Such footage combined with period toy soldiers informs my gaming for the period. Perhaps the dice throws in The Portable Wargame might be taken to represent good/bad tactical knowledge or performance rather than actually destroyed. Let me know what you think. I wonder what other elements of manoeuvres I need to add…


  1. Thank you so much for those marvellous links.A few I had seen, but many new to me.
    Various things attracted my attention, I particularly enjoyed the footage of the one man tanks, dancing around! I could imagine the music to the Benny Hill sketch!
    The field gun with a split trail was of note, prototype?
    Those sure layers! My goodness, working fast, there was a chap at the end receiving his rum. Ration, with an injured hand....Possibly caught up during the laying?
    And what a magnificent old barn!!!
    Probably centuries old, sadly not to last much longer.
    The Independent? Tank had a good turn of speed, didn't it?
    Fantastic films.

  2. Wire layers, not sure layers btw.
    The numbers were of interest, towed by horse, and the tracked ones, rather similar to the WW2 French ones.Also, the guns on portee trailers of note, and I spotted a two wheeled cart, pulled by one horse....presume this is what is called a Maltese cart?

  3. The wire laying was indeed interesting. I found the towing methods really interesting too.