Sunday 25 September 2022

I’m so excited…

 Thanks to MofT for the heads up as below-

Which has enabled this-

Can’t wait for the book to arrive! Earlier this year I bought the Napoleonic newish Muskets and Tomahawk rules as well as the eighteenth century ones. I look forward to some skirmishing in 1809 Norway and or around Koge and Copenhagen in 1807.

My fascination for Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars began on a city break to Copenhagen in October 1991 with Jan. We fell in love with Denmark. A visit to the military museum and a subsequent purchase of a uniform book in a model shop began an interest which has continued ever since. 

Don’t forget to get your money off the book and order directly!


  1. Exciting and meaningful! Can’t wait to see what the good reading inspires!

    1. Me too! Hopefully some fun skirmish games.
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. I saw this and was quite interested myself, but immersed in the Great Northern War it may have to wait for me. Be interested in seeing what you think of it when it arrives.

  3. Denmark is a great place - went there on family holidays with my parents in the mid Seventies. Even got some very nice (expensive) painted Conquistador figures at some model soldier shop in Copenhagen - long gone now, unfortunately.....

  4. Glad it brings back good memories for you too. A great city! The figures sound lovely.
    Alan Tradgardland