Monday 15 January 2024

Year of the French

 2023 saw me completing my long planed but never completed later 15th Century French army. Ages ago I started it using metal figures, got so far with the painting and then sold it. However this time I completed the army. It  was something that gave me a great sense of achievement. Mainly composed of  Perry Plastics with some metal figures too , the army looks suitably spectacular on the table. They lost to the Burgundians in their first outing but a rematch is planned for the near future. As ever we will be using DBM . 

However I would like them to be part of my solo gaming too. So,it was off to the Ducal library yesterday and with the aid of a rickety library ladder I found the volume I had been looking for-

Much read and enjoyed over the years it is about time for it to be used. So finding the size for a unit, according to the author , for 28mm figures ( 120mm by 80mm in total area) l cut out pieces of paper to try and see how it would look on the table. I then added my French bases to it -
Firstly the archers. They come in two flavours - Ordonnance who are efficient troops and Franc Archers who had a very poor contemporary reputation. 
Secondly Towns people, mercenaries etc with pointy sticks and halberds. They are heavy infantry.
The artillery train , two bases locked the part together.
Finally the heavy armoured Ordonnance cavalry, with more banners than in a Ridley Scott movie!
These will serve well using Neil Thomas rules. Now a wee think about the opposition…


  1. You know, if you made the infantry footprint 120x60 and kept the cavalry at 120x80 you would be set for Impetvs too.

    1. Interesting Jonathan. I used to play Basic Impetus at the local club over ten years ago, maybe longer. I liked the system, the bigger bases too, especially the look of them. I bought the rules and still have them .
      Alan Tradgardland

    2. This same basing works for To the Strongest too. Basic Impetvs is a regular on my table.

  2. Warbases have sabot bases that would suit your purposes perfectly. Ideal for Basic Impetus or To the Strongest (Still play BI on occasion)