Wednesday 3 April 2024

April so far

 I am pleased I resisted the recent Footsore Viking Kickstarter. Don’t get me wrong , they were absolutely beautiful miniatures and will be an utterly splendid addition to any wargaming collection. However l didn’t really need them and the lead mountain is way too high already. I do look forward to seeing what folk do with them…

I started work on this kickstarter project l got some time ago-

They are a Late Judean Army, made by Potbelly Miniatures , as part of a Kickstarter some time ago. They were sent by post from New Zealand in these charming boxes. This army will provide opposition for my Early Imperial Romans and Republican Romans of my regular opponent. They idea is to try and get them table worthy quite quickly which should work as they are mainly shades of white, off white , beige and brown.
In other news my tendon problem, diagnosed by my podiatrist, is proving annoying by limiting how much standing or walking I can do. The garden needs work on it but at least it has been too rainy of late ( except for Sunday , which was sunny and allowed sitting in the garden to happen) to do anything, so no need to feel too bad .
I have been enjoying “The Expanse” on Amazon Prime and “ Shogun “ on Disney , both well worth a watch. Interesting reading material has come through the post-


  1. Ah! - the leadpile. Perhaps as well that we don't all have a smart meter measuring the fluctuations. I look forward to seeing more of this army - will there be any colourful highlights? Have you any books/illustrations you're using?
    I have ordered those Vikings and will be pleased if they are all painted by the end of 2025! [They are due in September].
    As for gardening, the rain has come to my assistance too but i did get a morning in moving paving stones, hunting giant dandelions, and dehaeding bulbs.

  2. Mostly drab with brighter shields and some touches of colour, stripes etc. I am mainly using the Osprey on Herod’s Army. Going to see if I can borrow some books from the uni library.I am glad you got the Vikings and look forward to their arrival.
    Excellent gardening session imho.
    Alan Tradgardland