Monday 1 April 2024

When Saturday came and went.

 In no particular order-

We enjoyed my nephew’s child’s birthday party.
En route l stopped briefly to look at the fort remains and display board.
Before hand l enjoyed coffee at Cairngorm Melville, just beside where l went to school.

Sun shone on the Forth and l even had time to buy this splendid book in Waterstones.
I have begun it and it a fascinating read.
This Easter’s picture was by David Jones

Fascinating bit of pottery in an office, lovely looking.

Saturday ended in Scrabble for four…


  1. A good full day Alan. I bought the Katja Hoyer book a while ago. A fascinating subject. I haven’t got to the end yet because I kept getting distracted by other things. I got it partly hoping my daughter would read it because they did about the DDR in History A-Level.

  2. Sounds like a lovely Saturday

  3. Having grown up in the suburbs where you would never get close to someone else's window when in the city I do enjoy seeing bits of things in peoples windows. It humanizes the brick or concrete.

  4. I saw the reviews of 'Beyond the Wall' and have been meaning to buy it - glad to see it is worth reading! Looks like you had a good Saturday, good for you.