Tuesday 6 January 2009

Days of Future past or excerpts from the "Chronicles of Tradgardland"...

Following the mysterious of Duke Karl Frederick his “Nephew “Alexander came to the Ducal Throne. Known as “Alexander the Just and Fair” he ruled most unfairly and unwisely for well over fifteen years where upon little of import happened within the land.
1775 ----- 1795
A time of change sweeping across the globe – revolution’s icy wave lapped at the shore of the duchy. Duke Henry III succumbed to depression and madness throwing himself from the highest tower of the Palace into the angry mobs below.
In 1801 the Tradgardland fleet was deployed with the Danish one at the battle of Copenhagen. Duke Karl Frederick II abdicated in favour of his son Chrispian and retires to the country to pursue a life studying the heavens and tilling the soil.
“Chrispian the Simple “is propelled against his will (and those of his subjects) to become Duke. He lived in fear of the tides of war and the Dual Horrors of France and England. In 1806 a French army invaded the Duchy after after the battle of Jena. In 1807 Tradgardland is invaded by a British task force on its way to Denmark and Copenhagen – in order to prevent the Ducal fleet falling into French hands. The Tradgardland Army is defeated in battle and the Fleet is burnt where it lay. Duke Chrispian died leading ducal troops into battle succumbing to sabre wound fro a KGL Hussar.
Joachim (aged 10) succeeds to the Duchy. The real power lies in the hands of Fr Abbot Barnabas who excerts a great influence over all the Court. Joachim ( a petulant and cruel fellow if ever there was one) takes control of the Duchy aged 18. Difficult times lay ahead…


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  2. An unhappy future awaits Tradgardland and its ruling ducal family. Is this but one possibility, or are there other threads in the web of life?

  3. The 19th century was one of enormous change, and few places escaped being affected. And of course looming ahead is 1848, The Year of Revolutions...