Friday 2 January 2009

Of Aims and Alisona...

Well it is 2009 now- I rememember thinking " Party like its 1999" by Prince seemed so ,so far in the future! I find this time of year a tad melancoloy but to matters positive...
It is the first day of the new Year in Tradgardland. After attending Mass Alisona walks the gardens of the palace .All is covered in frost and looks magical. Her thoughts go constantly back and forth from the coming year to the time she spent with her late husband in Ny Tradgardland.She looks back fondly yet has a sense that 1759 may bring new joy and hope in the form of a dashing Gallian. She longs to hear from him with arrangements to journey to Gallia. Soon,soon she tells herself...
I hope this year to carry forward to Charge Project based upon Tradgardland and Saschen-Vindow . I intend to draw up a list of units to be raised and stick to this . I have begun well and with Wedding Anniversary and Birthday in the first 3 months of the year I should be able to raise some more units as well as finish those I am working upon. I love cavalry but it is so expensive .Both armies are in need of some additions to the mounted arm. Also I am more than tempted to raise some dismounted dragoons after the interesting OSW discussion re Charge of late...


  1. I'm planning on getting some of the RSM95 Dismounted Dragoons . . . I forgot to order them last time.

    -- Jeff

  2. I must admit to wondering whether our young Gallian will prove level-headed enough to earn Alisona's respect. Given her experiences thus far in roughing it in the colonies and venturing to the islands, she seems the sort of woman that would demand wisdom and not merely looks from her husband.

  3. try Happy New Year from ABBA!