Sunday 25 January 2009


Now I have some new commanding officers I am working towards a game in around three weeks. I have a week off at half term whilst the family works. I hope to commandeer the dining room table, set up a game , record it whilst playing and be packed away in time for afternoon snacks upon their return. Not that my wife is not supportive of my hobby- she has always encouraged me ( and my daughters are post patient too) but we need to eat at it later!
The game will revolve around some skirmish at the hotly contested border betwixt Tradgardland and Saschen- Vindow- part of the ongoing low-level disputes that occur weekly in the region. It will be played solo . However I need to get down to some painting in the coming weeks or it will not happen. However it is good to have goals even if they are not reached. Look out for some posts over the next days concerning the new officers in Tradgardland. P.S both figures arrived safely through the mail and have been admired suitably by me and the family. Thanks for adding another dimension to my hobby- they will make you proud of them upon the forthcoming field of Mars I am sure...
If anyone would like to add a figure to the growing Tradgardland Life Guard let me know. I have this mad idea of raising a guard unit ( recruited from gentlemen of fortune from across Europa) of a number of figures with a figure from each imagination ( on loan of course)wishing to join in. They would be in the same uniform to some degree yet with thier owners unique contributions - let me know what you think of the idea...

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  1. Please let me know what type of figure you require and I would be happy to provide a member of your Life Guard.