Saturday 10 January 2009


Snow has once more fallen in Tradgardland rendering travel to a near impossibility. Alisona however braves the cold and walks abroad after dark. The Cope of the night sky is filled with myriad stars and her thoughts once more fly ( as they often do) to the meeting to be arranged this year...

Duke Frederick sits up late and looks heavenwards from his study window up,up into the night sky. He sits amidst reams of Ducal papers awaiting his attention. He too thinks of the coming year and the possibility of war with Saschen-Vindow. He recalls the years of enmity between the two Duchies and worries about rumours of the Duchess of Saschen -Vindow and her mad infatuation with the King of Stagonia. A idea, so radical as to make a big radical thing look small takes shape within his mind....


  1. Great minds think alike, hey?

  2. A big radical thing seem like a small radical thing? Why, he must be considering a big, big BIG radical thing! ;-)

  3. "A idea, so radical as to make a big radical thing look small..."
    Murdering the Duchess to prevent the Saschen-Vindow - Stagonia association would be... gross. More subtle would be to murder *the Duke*, laying the blame on the Duchess, and have the revulsed people of Saschen-Vindow ask Tradgarland for protection...

  4. Milady de Winter can solve all of your problems for you. Just give her the nod and someone will disappear...


  5. Sorry not on this topic, the Officer Duda is ready to be dispatched...however I do not have a destination?

  6. Alisona's story is just as important to romantic old farts ... just because Sachsen-Vindow is in uproar, don't forget her story line!

    Like everybody else, what are the big ideas ....

  7. The packet ship Rascalle (12) entered the harbor of Tradgardland's capital city on the 12th. instant. A singular letter was taken to the palace for Alisona by Lieutenant Tourand. He has orders to await a reply, if one is forthcoming and practicable.
    Alisona reads,

    "My dear Alisona,
    I have the honor to present my continued affection and unbounded compliments for you by means of the letter before you. If your circumstances allow, Lt. Taurand will impart a means by which we can rendezvous as suggested in my letter of last month. For your sake I have not put the means to this paper relying instead upon the loyalty and discretion of my friend Lt. Taurand to covey the extraordinary means available to us by word of mouth alone. He should be nearby awaiting an audience with you for this purpose as I remain.
    Your devoted Servant,
    Pierre Gardier
    Lt Gen. de Gallia
    at Frankfurt Am Main

  8. Alisona was delighted to recieve Lt Tourand. She listened carefully to what message he had to impart. She sends, with Lt Tourand, a hastily composed note of affection for Pierre Gardier expressing her desire to meet him as soon as Heaven and earth allow...

  9. Before Lt. Taurand departs, he has a private conversation with Her Royal Majesty.
    I'll write offlist Alan.