Monday, 29 November 2010

Huzzah for Scotrail!

Set off to work at 6.25am through deepish snow. Train arrived only two minutes late. Got off at Dalmeny and walked to school - found it in darkness.My wife phoned me on mobile to tell me my boss had been on the phone to say school was closed today. Turned tail to walk to station and got train home and enjoyed WSS booklet in comfort in warm carriage on the way. Back by computer by 8.15am.Girls school closed too. Hope you all have had a safe and not too frustrating day so far!


  1. Morning commute notwithstanding, that sounds like a nice way to begin the week!

    Best Regards,


  2. Your day could certainly have been much much worse . . . and instead you get a nice day in with family, hobby and a nice warm beverage.

    Keep taking care of your dear lady wife . . . little courtesies are much appreciated and will aid in her recovery because of her enhanced good mood.

    -- Jeff

  3. Alan,

    Here is to having an unexpected snow day to spend with the family! I hope your wife is doing well and that you have an hour or two to spend with your rapidly-expanding projects and/or reading.


  4. Drove to South Wales and back (from Birmingham)today. No problems on roads but picture postcard views all the way.