Sunday, 14 November 2010

Winter Quarters Real and Imaginary...

Winter has come to the Duchy of Tradgardland and also Fife...
Sadly no crisp snow but we have been lashed by rain and wind this week. All is sodden,garden like a quagmire and the guinea pigs ensconced in the garage much to the harvest mice's delight I fear!

The trip to the consulatant went really well. She said Jan could not be "in a better place" with regard to how she has responded to treatment! Glorious news indeed as we gear up towards Chemo 4 out of six in around 12 days! We are both delighted and feel surrounded by the thoughts and prayers of many...

I am rather tired these days and all is busy with work and family at the moment. I do bits and bobs of hobby stuff and try to resist buying new lead to add to the already vast unpainted mountain of many years standing. I am trying to do something with my collection of VBCW stuff and keep the D M Cornish,Ny Tradgardland and diverse projects moving forward albeit in small ways.

In Trdagardland I can report that the forces of the Duchy and their arch enemies (The Imperium) have set up camp/winter quarters at opposite sides of the Disputed Valley. Over winter I hope to build up some units of the Towns which lie in the valley- something which I am really quite enjoying in terms of numbers to do and results achieved. I do hope to transfer the details from the old map to a more modern version which will aid campaign movement. Energy and time permitting I am itching to set up a small encounter upon the tabletop just to get dice rolling again and the excitement of gaming too. It seems ages since I had a proper battle, went to the local club or gamed with my regular opponent too. But 20011 awaits and I am hopeful too! Have a great weekend one and all.


  1. Delighted to hear chemotherapy is going well. Hope all goes well in winter quarters. I'm familiar with VBCW, but hadn't realised you'd a project on the go - I'll have to refer back through the blog.

  2. Conrad
    Now I come to think of it most,if not all, my postings on vbcw has been at GWP3. Do you dabble in vbcw at all? I am possibly going to do a Welsh nationalist scenario with them aided by Irish forces- I believe the Reiver figures depicting the Trish army are excellent.