Friday, 5 November 2010

The disputed Valley- Uhwerkhausen

The Town Militia of Uhwerkhausen are currently drilling in the green fields at the town's edge. Great care is taken to avoid the town's peacocks- myriad clockwork automata ( see enclosed video...) which walk around displaying their glorious feathers to their inventor the Burgomeister and all other townspeople as they go about their business...

The militia have been ordered to muster in the light of Imperial agression in the vicinity. Envoys have been sent to elicit the help of Duke Frederick of Tradgardland whose troops are currently fabricating theit winter quarters nearby.


  1. Looking forward for pics of the burgher levy!
    Is Uhwerkhausen far from the Imperial City of Weltschmerz - Hammerklavier?

  2. Jean-Louis,
    The Disputed Valley lies some way from the coast ( in the rolling hills and small mountains) and it is on that coast you find the Imperial City of Weltschmerz - Hammerklavier...

    I have not forgotten W-H and will involve it later in the events going on around the Duchy next year I think.
    best wishes