Saturday, 27 November 2010

Weather real and imaginationary...

The first Snows have come to The Undisputed Valley situated on the border of the Duchy of Tradgardland. The elk can be found within the dense forests and await the coming winter with stoical acceptance...

The Ducal artillery practice in winter quarters for the coming struggle with the Imperium by firing a few rounds, the smoke rising upwards in the chill air.

Here in Dunfermline we have had the first real snow of winter.Sledging and mini snowman making has occurred not to mention photography in the chilly air. Thankfully the snow arrived overnight the evening after Jan's fourth chemo or we might have had travelling probs over to Edinburgh. Chemo number 4 went as well as can be expected and Jan is very tired but not in too bad form . 5th out of 6 will hopefully take place on the 17th December. We move onwards and upwards...


  1. A beautiful, wintry photo, and happy to hear your wife's most recent treatment went well.

    Best Regards,