Sunday 31 October 2010

Tradgardland updates...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

This week end marks Halloween (we have already had guisers at the door who were willing to sing - a rare occurrence these days) and the clocks have gone back last night. It is a time to take stock...
I tried ganeesh games "Songs of blades and heroes " with a Ny Tradgardland scenario ( see piccies) and they worked well. I will certainly use them again.
I intend to continue to use my Imagination Campaign this winter too and build upon the Disputed valley map. I have already painted one unit and will post piccies soon...
I hope also to do something with a VBCW - I have enough figures to game and have some interesting rules in the shape of "When officers rode"
Jan didn't get her third chemo last Tuesday. Her platelets were way too low. She was given a platelet transfusion instead. Bloods were taken on Friday and all being well ( depending upon blood test results) Chemo number 3 will be on Tuesday 2nd Nov...Week back for me after half term hectic, girls go back to school on tomorrow.
Will post again soon.


  1. Sorry to hear Jan's treatment was delayed. Hope things improve.

  2. My sympathies with Jan having to miss her treatment. My brother went through those same travails with low platelet counts interfering with the treatments, which were causing the low counts to begin with! Certainly a Catch-22 situation. I hope that her situation improves and she can get through this treatment regimen without too many roadblocks.