Friday, 15 October 2010

A broadsheet tells all...

Recent writings in that gentleman's newsheet "Ye Classix Kreigspieler's Journal" has besmirched the name of that redoubtable fellow Major Von Fripp , lately of the Court of the Crimson Duke, who most gallantly played his part in the so -called "debacle" at Spurlash Down.
General Schwarz (whose current whereabouts is uncertain) has instructed me to commend to one and all the enclosed painting as a true and accurate representation of the recent action...
Dear Reader you are advised to click upon the enclosed painting to see it all it's glorie!


  1. You know, I actually have saved this photograph, from an earlier blog posting, as the wallpaper on my computer desktop. I just love it!

    Best Regards,


  2. Was it really some 38 year ago? I discovered this kind of photo in 'The War Game' (read 'Charge! only later) and was 'hooked'.

  3. Lol! Terrific stuff Alan. Sounds as if von Fripp has engaged the services of the Tradgardland PR machine (surely a Scots emigree going by the name Campbell McAllister!).

  4. I am pleased to see that a more accurate account of the affair has been published, albeit one that will not, in decades to come, be found in a dusty corner of a second hand bookshop by some youthful historian willing to challenge received wisdom. The printed page will have the final say! (I hope).