Sunday, 10 October 2010

updates again...

I t was Zoe's first Portfolio Class in Edinburgh yesterday. I accompanied her so she would know where to go for future occasions. Whilst waiting for her ( with an infected knee causing me to hirple around and take antibiotics the size of zeppelins) I went to see the exhibition of Lewis Chessmen at the NMS- it had sadly finished. However I did buy a copy of the exhibition book which looks interesting. I did manage to resist( only just) a Noggin the Nog book and dvd!

I have downloaded " Terrible Sharp Sword" the toofat lardies acw supplement for Sharp Practice. On first perusal it looks full of potentiality ...

I have been interested in Renaissance wargaming for more years than I care to remember. Of late it has lain in abeyance due to rules probs- didn't like DBR at all or WAB ECW really either for example. I am tempted by FOG Renaissance as just the thing I need to dust off old armies- does anyone know the rules at all yet?

Jan's chemo number two went as well as could be expected this week. This is the "dip" weekend but she will bounce back in a day or too...


  1. Are you looking for a "generic" set of Renaissance rules? Or for a specific conflict?

    By the way, while I've not played them, I've read good things about "Spanish Fury" and "A Very Civile Action" from "The Perfect Captain" . . . and they are free.

    -- Jeff

  2. No recommendations for Renaissance rules.

    Best wishes to your wife on her chemo!

  3. Should have got the noggin the nog!

    Hope the good lady isn't too down. My own fair wife has been through it - not fun at all.