Sunday, 3 October 2010

A letter from across the ocean...

"... it is now four days since my ship made landfall here in Ny Tradgardland. Fr Lefebrve ,from the garrison at St Louisberg has just said Mass for my intention of thanksgiving- for my delivery from the September seas, at the small chapel which shelters under the curtain walls that lie between us and the sea.

As you know,my dear, the Duke has charged me with the onerous task of leading the militia here in this furthest outpost of the Duchy ,far from your arms and those of our dear children. This is strange place full of mystery and a strange kind of beauty.We are supplied well by God's bounty of the sea and assisted by the local peoples whose ways I have yet to master yet am keen to know. This land offers unfathomable joys yet holds so much for me to do and accomplish. The English and their Mohawk allies are on the move- we have but weeks to bring our forces up to scratch. Yet,by God's grace we shall prevail.
Kiss the children for me and I shall write again soon- the ship to carry this missive will not wait long .
Your ever loving husband


  1. News from Ny Tradgarland: hurrah!

    An interesting character -and so well depicted in miniature. Looking forward to discover his troops -and their feats.

    What about Alisona, btw?

    And who 'plays' the Duchess now? Jeff, since she is in Stagonia? She is the only person Monte-Cristo would welcome as a Stagonian representative.

  2. Alisona - there is indeed a good question? I fear I have forgotten her whereabouts and would be delighted if some gentleman could remind me where we left things off there...

    Jeff what about making a Duchess figure to put upon the battlefield with the Stagonian General? That would be an inspiration for those hard pressed Stagonian troops...

  3. As far as I remember, Alisona embarked a Gallian ship under Bill Protz' command?

    Ladies in mini (miniature figurine if not mini-skirt) are always a nice addition to a wargaming army: they bring a touch of delicacy and tenderness in a world of bloodthirsty male brutes (yes, even in the case of the Duchess: we are rather prejudicied, in Monte-Cristo).

    Ulrich's uniform seem to forecast the Tradgarlander uniforms of later times (Tradgarland pink on the trousers rather than the coat)?

  4. I fear that I don't have any female figures . . . and my health has been such lately that I've not been able to do much . . . indeed, I had a nasty fall on Friday. Fortunately I didn't break my hip, but I'm still very sore and rather zonked with the pain meds.

    But it is a good idea for me to keep in mind for the future.

    -- Jeff

  5. Jeff Take care and look after yourself. The Duchess at the front of the mighty Stagonian armies is something to look forward to !