Monday 18 October 2010

Von Fripp in command...

"And so gentlemen here are the accounts for Smaaland Manor relating to the guilds of Topiary and Bee Keeping..."
Suddenly a horse could be heard outwith the Manor Estate office and the sound of a man's feet running across the gravel.
Minutes later the Militia officers, who had gathered to discuss the business of agriculture and commerce, had sent the aforementioned messenger off to summon Von Fripp and the Smaaland Manor militia. The forces of the Imperium had crossed the border...
Dear Reader it is my intention to play out this encounter upon the dining room table on Wednesday using the Old Wormley Creek Wargames Society Rules kindly sent to me by Joe Saur. They are written with such a playing area in mind. I will add the Duke of Stollen's event cards also and some ideas about how to control an 18th century opponent in a solo game. I will of course post an account and photos afterwards.

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  1. I await the outcome with anticipation. The crowd will gather at the printers awaiting the posting of the news.