Wednesday 20 October 2010

A campaign Map or Plans Changed...

A change of plan here has led to the game being postponed. However, whilst taking advantage of the cold yet sunny weather to do some garden tidying, I have come up with a cunning plan to take my imagination wargaming forward this autumn/winter...

I have prepared a campaign map (please click on it for a closer look) of Umstrittental (The Disputed Valley) which lies between the Duchy of Tradgardland and the Imperium. Although independent the valley is claimed by both Tradgardland and the Imperium. The diplomatic and military struggles over sovereignty have dragged on for centuries and influence over Umsttittental waxes and wanes between the two major contending powers.
Umsttittental raises her own troops which are allied at different times to either Tradgardland or the Imperium or maintain a headstrong independendence in the face of invasions military and economic.For years trade and peace reigns before another battle or invasion intervenes briefly before the status quo returns.

The Campaign gives me a chance to use both my Tradgardland and Imperium forces. It also allows me to raise units for Umsttittental as and when I like. Coupled with the rules and table size mentioned in the previous post I can use the valley in a variety of ways: for 1866 gaming not to mention later or early time periods. As ever I am interested in what you think of my idea...


  1. New units for Umstrittental: an opportunity not to be missed for unleashing your 'military fashion designer' urges!

  2. I like the multi-time/multi-use function. Like most brilliant ideas, it's so obvious and simple that I find myself asking, "Why didn't I think of that?!"

  3. An excellent idea, and one with great flexibility. Hetzenberg and Dunkeldorf frequently clash over possession of the rich. fertile Eisenwasser Valley. Things are going the Grand Duchy's way at the moment, but in future, who knows?

  4. Sounds like a very promising campaign...