Thursday, 30 September 2010

Books and Blogs...

The weekend is almost upon us and I,for one, am most grateful for that. Volume 2 of the Monster Blood Tattoo saga arrived to day with it's glorious maps,charts and evocative drawings. I will begin it tonight.

I found this fascinating 18th Century Blog today and it is well worth a look-
Please also click on the link to the 18th Century Bookbinder- I bet you will be tempted by his wares too...

I am toying with revisiting Ny Tradgardland and do some French Indian War Skirmishing- any ideas for interesting/evocative of time and place Skirmish rules?


  1. I just finished a series of three semi-linked FIW era battles using Larry Brom's The Sword in the Forest variant of his The Sword and the Flame rules. They worked well. And there is also Bill Protz's Drums of War along the Mohawk rules.

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