Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ducal "goings on" ...

The Copplestone Castings 10mm figs arrived a few days ago- wargs,warg riders and the hero pack- LOTR fellowship, Conan etc. Small but perfectly formed as Eric Morecambe might say...

Jan's chemo starts on Tuesday and we are glad to be starting it.

I have updated my 54mm toy soldier/ Little Wars blog with some evocative photos and a caption competition. I would love you all to enter and please follow the link to my Army Red/White Blog- comments always welcome!

I am rather tired for reading but having been reading around late 15th century town defence for a further ongoing project. I am still enjoying the medieval time traveller guide and sat down last night to watch episode one of Inspector Morse ( one of thirty three...) from a recent dvd purchase. It lived up to our expectations and I thoroughly recommend it to one and all.