Saturday, 25 September 2010

18th century Roleplaying..

I've really been out of role playing since my uni days of the early 80's. I have been wondering of late about some solo role playing in Tradgardland in the mid 18th century. Any suggestions for systems- I don't know where to begin these days...


  1. Alan
    Have a look at Mythic for the 'solo' element. Used by Steve the O.D. on his blog

  2. Alan,

    You don't really NEED a system to role-play, just "kriegspiel" it . . . that being said, the Mythic Game Master Emulator is a reasonable alternative:

    By the way, I believe that Steve has closed that particular blog.

    -- Jeff

  3. When I 'mastered' a RPG campaign set in a 'quasi-3 musketeers' mid-18th C. France, we simply used the old D&D rules, with some imput from 'cloak & rapier' (forget the name) and 'pirates' rules to proportionate the ranges and damages of gunpowder weapons with those of cold steel ones.

    I read favorable comments about the 'Gloire' rules.

  4. Depending on how much roleplaying vs. tabletop skirmishing you want to do...
    Gloire (and supplements) might be good for tabletop games. They seem a little light on the traditional rpg stuff.
    Mythic is great for adding uncertainty into solo games. I really like it, but not everyone does. Still, worth looking into.
    I don't know much about other systems, so I don't know if there are any 18th century specific rpgs. Maybe there is a GURPs supplement for background? Or some sort of pirate or werewolves/vampires rpg of the appropriate technology level that you can readily adapt?

  5. There's a whole RPGing community out there waiting to help you. I've recently rediscovered my D&D roots (which lead me to wargaming), and now play OD&D (that's Old School Dungeons and Dragons) with my friends and all our kids. It's been great fun.

  6. I think the old En Garde set can be had yet.