Friday, 3 September 2010


We were at the Western General Hospital yesterday . Jan is to have 6 sessions of chemo with 3(or so) weeks in between each one . We await a word from the hospital as to when this begins- hopefully the 15th September . The road goes ever on ,as they say, but we move forward together positively and with hope...

Talking of Tolkien, my 46 audio cd unabridged version of of The Lord of the Rings arrived today. I am often too tired of late to read and I hope this will help me chill in the evening. May well be a good inspiration to paint by too.

I have sent for bases for my halflings and am investigating the opposition- wars and goblins. I am most taken by the Copplestone 10mm fantasy range and they are leading contenders at present. Plans are starting to form in my mind for the hobbit's stronghold for Hordes of the Things and I will put paper to pen soon.

If I move forward well with the albatross around my neck ( CfE new planning formats for school) I may have time to commit my one page 18th century rules to paper. When finished I will post them for your comments and suggestions.


  1. I hope everything goes well for Jan and your family.

  2. My best wishes for a superior result from your wife's treatment.

    -- Jeff

  3. Alan,

    I as well would like to send my best wishes to Jan and to you. I'll be thinking of you in the upcoming weeks.


  4. Jan's burden will weigh heavy... but you will be her "Samwise", Alan, and you will pull through.
    We're all rooting for you both.