Thursday, 23 September 2010

Updates again

Little to report on the hobby front- the Pendraken hobbits arrived and don't look too bad. They are still in the bag awaiting energy and time...

Work is busy and home too- Jan had a not very great weekend but is a tad better and moving forward.

I have been doing very little reading ( the newly bought biography of John Henry Newman lies awaiting the attention it deserves by the writing slope) but have enjoyed some light reading ( including the latest Battlegames magazine- I finally subscribed) on the train in the form of "Monster Blood Tattoo" by D M Cornish- an interesting 18th Century alternate world. It is early days with the book but I am being drawn into another fascinating world...

I was wondering about what was available in the form of 28mm "Lace Punk"/ 18th Century fantasty figures and a skirmish is something that is in the planning stage at the moment.

My one page 18th century rules are moving forward and I will post when I have play tested them- something to work towards in the October week off.

River Cottage and it's new series beckons ( I do enjoy Hugh F-W programmes soooo much) as do a few chores to finish first!


  1. I enjoyed Foundling, and I have a request in with the local library for Lamplighter. I see Factotum is due to hit the shelves in November.

  2. I'm still looking for suitable minis for MBT - many historical minis will work especially WSS/GNW stuff but the special characters will take a bit of searching and probably some modification.