Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The road goes ever on...

I have finally succumbed...

I have avoided buying Tolkien inspired figures for some days of late. I have combed the web ,weighed up the options and come down upon the side of 10mm! A new scale indeed for me and I hope my eyes are up to it. I have sent for 74 Pendraken Halflings in army pack form. They will form a Hordes of the Things army. One of the deciding factors was I felt I could do the Shire greater justice in 10mm than in 28mm!
I am eagerly awaiting them- even though the company suggested 21 days!!!! My Shire militia will battle against goblins and perhaps wargs . Let battle commence- soonish that is.


  1. Tradgard-shire, surely!
    Good luck with the small scale. P_resumably 10mm Hobbits are like 6mm men..?!

  2. Good luck! I have actually just ordered some figures from Pendraken and written them up on my own GHQ blog, but I found them excellent quality - and they only took about 1-2 weeks, so don't despair quite yet!