Sunday 22 August 2010

Council sought...


Your help is sought to identify these stout fellows of the Duke of Tradgardland's Life Guard. They were sent from a variety of E v E imaginations to form a Companion style Guard. We would be grateful if you could give name and country of origin to those brave Guardsmen...
New employment will follow for these gentlemen soon...


Archivist to the Duchy of Tradgardland


  1. 2nd on right in the 1st picture (red coat on grey horse) was from Uber Gruntschuffen.

    Hope you and your good lady are keeping well.


  2. There are two chaps from Wittenberg, the fellow on foot is ambassador Count Getja Bootzon. The mounted chap in the grey coat is Colonel Alexander von Messing.

    (as shown in,

    -- Allan

  3. Captain Ludwig von Alesmister late of the Kronenberg Curiassiers, Reich Duchy of Beerstein, is the lad on the far right of the first picture and third from the right in the second picture. Cheers...