Friday 13 August 2010


Jan has had her operation and is recovering well from it. I have been busy holding the Home Front along with my daughters- they have done well and it has been a hectic week...
Today the postman brought a parcel all the way from Sweden- which seems to make it even more exciting if you know what I mean. It contained the figures you see pictured for my 1866 project. They are Holger Ericksson - as if you didn't know. They are Modern Ceremonial figures depicting the Danish Foot Guard and Swedish Mounted Life Guard. I am using them as the Tradgardland Ducal Foot Guard and the mounted figures as heavy Cavalry. I can't wait to have a time to prepare them and start painting!


  1. Absolutely no feeling in the world like getting a long expected package in the mail. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. I'm glad that your wife's operation went well and that she's on the road to recovery.

    And I know how exciting a box of figures can be . . . (don't we all) . . . enjoy, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. best wishes to your wife and compliments to your daughters!

    Now, looking eagerly forward to discover the 1866 Tradgarlanders in their painted glory...

    Btw, re. the infantry example you posted, what about pink jacket and balck / dark blue trousers? 'Historically', without a political revolution (such as the French one, or the Spanish Restoration after the Bonaparte interlude), while the uniforms *cut* evolved (specially the hats), their colours pattern remained practically unchanged from, say 1710 to 1910 (parade dress). For the infantry across whole Europe, the only significant change of colours was the substitution of colored breeches with white ones during the 18th C., then their replacement with colored trousers during the 1st half of the 19th C....

  4. Good to hear things are going well all around! Getting packages in the mail never gets old, does it? :)
    Looking forward to seeing how these turn out!

  5. All of Beerstin is pleased to hear of your wife's recovery. Best regards...

  6. Very glad for the wife ... and hope her recovery proceeds well!
    Looking forward to seeing the new figures in full color, too.