Monday 9 August 2010

Claymore and more...

It has been busy of late ( in fact the summer has been too) here at the Duchy. Saturday saw our long awaited game at Claymore. Our "old school" game of the Action at Spurlash Down was well received by the show going public. My thanks to Phil W, Tony and of course Phil Olley who organised the game and provided the figures. Phil W took the superb photos I have posted and Phil Olley (of course) painted the figures. We won fourth prize ( I now see on GWP that we were in fact 3rd equal!!!) in show which we were all very pleased with.
I will not spoil the battle write up ,which will adorn the pages of the Classic Wargamer's Journal, save to say that Major Von Fripp learned a great deal of how to / how not to command an army. I commanded the Imperial Army and some glorious charges ensued, not to mention a heroic village defense! A rather nasty sting was in the tail however... I hope you enjoy the posted piccies.
Yesterday saw a day at home preparing( it has been part of our lives since June when the tests began) for my Wife's admittance to hospital which happened this morning. She will have a big operation tomorrow, hopefully getting home at the weekend, and will be off work for around 12 weeks plus/minus afterwards. So the girls ( not to mention the guinea pigs who have been with us a week now) and I are holding the home front . It will be a busy time ahead here with my wife needing looked after by us on her greatly anticipated return.
I hope to continue to paint,blog and plan, as and when I can . Do keep reading for further updates.


  1. Best wishes to your wife on her hospital stay. I hope you will have the house ready for her inspection when she returns. I look forward to good news when she returns.

  2. What marvellous photographs! I'm very glad 'a good time was had by all', and looking forward to reading the report in CWJ (which is a boon). All the very best to your wife for the op and convalescence.

  3. I also offer best wishes for a very easy and successful operation and a very salubrious recovery.

    -- Jeff

  4. Best wishes and get well soon. Lovely troops.

  5. Best wishes to your wife!

    Congrats on the game! Man, I'm slow sometimes; it just hit me wth this post - Blasthof -> Spurlash Down (I got the Spurlash Down pun right away, it took me a while to connect it with the other battle)... ha ha

  6. Nice photos! I like the artillery teams in the tarleton helmets. Best wishes for your wife's speedy recovery.

  7. Hope all goes well with your wife's op and she recovers quickly

  8. Hi Alan. I had wondered if you had got a prize for the game at Claymore. It looked pretty good and the pictures on the blog show it very well