Wednesday 4 August 2010

Introducing Major von Fripp...

The Duke of Tradgardland has recently sent one of his most trusted officers and aide de camp, Major Von Fripp, to take up residence upon the Staff of General von Schwarz currently commanding The Imperial Army. Von Fripp has been sent to gain experience and learn from that venerable "old warhorse" that is Von Schwarz...

Apart from his undoubted charm and military knowledge , Major Robrecht von Fripp brings with him his legendary playing skills upon the Spanish guitar and his pedantic attention to detail coupled with high standards expected from his fellows...

This visitor from the Duchy of Tradagrdland ( aka the Court of the Crimson Duke) hopes to be present at the battle expected within the coming days...

Dear reader , if you are coming to the CLAYMORE wargames show in Edinburgh on Saturday please look out for Von Fripp upon the tabletop in the OSW game put on by Phil Olley and others including my good self. Do come and say hello if you are able!


  1. How nice it would be if I could be in Edinburgh once more. Enjoy the show for me...

  2. ditto!
    I spent a few days in Edinburgh on my first trip to Europe in the 70's, and have managed to spend at least a couple of days there each trip since (about 5 trips in all). (not to mention having ancestors who came from there about 150 years ago!)

    I saw that "Time Travellers" book in the bookstore here a couple of months ago and nearly bought it. All the time thinking "it would be cool if they did these for other periods, too (like mid-1700's)". :)

  3. I wish that I could be there . . . but since I live on the Pacific Coast of Canada it would be quite a commute.

    Have fun, sir.

    -- Jeff