Thursday 24 March 2011

The archives:Blackadder's regt of foote circa 1722...

I would like to share with you some rather picaresque findings from the Duchy archives pertaining to an English mercenary regiment in the service of Tradgardland...

"Sir Toby Blackadder's men once more showed discontentment and had to be beaten by their gentlemen onto the parade ground,Sir Toby was paid many compliments by the sister of the duchess thereby saving him from the fate that befell his beloved father the year before.............. the Palace topiary was cut by a Gallian garden master into diverse shapes grotesque and wondrous-children would not enter the garden due to fear of the green monsters within................ Sir Toby married the sister of the duchess in secret and returned to the Palace at the head of his regiment each man adding a rose and garland (in celebration of the nuptials) to his scarlet coat.... Duke Georg locked himself away in the Tower for four days eating or drinking nothing and would see no one but his beloved hounds.

And a year later:1722

Sir Toby Blackadder and his esteemed wife ( who accompanies her husband at all times and in all calamities including the field of Mars) were guests of the Duke of Holstein -Gottrop in the season of Easter. Both exhibited a lack of decorum to rival that of their hosts...............In his absence Blackadder's foote remained unpopular with those with whom they were billeted upon earning the nickname Black heart or Blaggard's regt of foote..... when Sir Toby heard this he was much amused with the conceit and was delighted at the Colour embroidered by his wife which he used as his personal sign,carrying it to war to the equal horror and amusement of all.............. In 1730 Blackadder's foote marched forth from Tradgardstadt with all haste..."

Sadly the fragment ends here but I hope to find more out upon my next visit to the Duchy!


  1. Exciting find indeed!
    Deserves a 3D reconstruction in 28mm

  2. ... and not quite 3D. More semi-flat?!
    Elector of Teutonburg-Fredonia