Saturday 12 March 2011

Saturday Morning Early

It is snowing lightly outside and is 7.00am on Saturday morning...
I have just finished "Outcasts"on I player( shame on you for missing it- hopefully you can catch up on dvd eventually) and drunk my customary pots of strong coffee a la Lucky Jack. The weekend has begun at last. Weather permitting it is the Legion Wargames club tomorrow which I intend to attend to give my Late Bronze Age Scandinavians an outing for the first time. During the week as ever I have had a look at the myriad blogs I try to keep up with and I have encountered much inspiration and many fascinating ideas. On such blog is

which has an alternate time line from 1979 and is worth a look. As ever I keep up with the conversations regarding VBCW on GWP3 which is a convivial and well informed bunch of chaps- much as we are here at Emperor v Elector. During the week I caught for the second time the documentary on Anglo Saxon art on BBC4 which proved fascinating and filled with what the presenter called "warrior bling"- an interesting prog worth seeking out on I player. Time permitting I hope to move some of my ongoing projects forward and I will post pictures once I buy some batteries uptown today. Finally for ancients fans, and those interested in Impetus too, have a look at the blog of a fellow club member here in Dunfermline for inspiration-

Have a good day and hopefully some R&R!


  1. Glad to hear you're getting some time off. Winter of '79 is a very intriguing blog, isn't it? An interesting idea well executed.

  2. Hope that you enjoyed your introduction to Basic Impetus. Hopefully I'll get some time after early May to get some paint on the Trojans to give your Bronze Age Swedes something to get their teeth into.



  3. I did indeed Ross and look forward to the Trojans after May....