Monday 14 March 2011

The Wyrd decides...

No photos from the weekend as the camera is being a tad temperamental. An enjoyable visit to the club was had and I was initiated into the world of Basic Impetus. The late Bronze age chaps remained in their box as I was loathed to use them out of period...
I was considering what BI army to do next when the Wyrd decided for me by arrival of a book from Amazon -which was awaiting me on my return from work! So the Anglo-Saxons are now on the painting table awaiting some solid graft to make them ready for next month's meeting.
Jan had her first day back at work today,the first of her phased return. All went well and it is good for us both to have one day under her belt...


  1. Good choice there Alan, the Saxons are going to be busy with Normans, Vikings and Dark Age Scots. There are going to be some very interesting historical clashes in the future.



  2. You cant go wrong with the Dark Ages! We are currently playing it at skirmish level, and once we are done with that I'm very tepmted to use the figs to give BI a go.


    These might be of interest.