Friday 25 March 2011

Herod the Great - Oh no here he goes off with another distraction....

Wearing my "theological hat" I must say what a bounder Herod the Great was whilst wearing my "Wargamer Hat" I have to say he is an interesting ,if scary chap...

I have long been attracted to Roman client kingdoms of the east and to the Maccabees too. I remember the portrayal of the king of such a client kingdom in the BBC's "I Claudius" many moons ago too. As an aside I fear exposure to BBC historical dramas ( and of course ITV's Aurthur of the Britons) at an impressionable age has left its mark upon my long term interests!

Anyway enough of the chat and down to the point of this which is that the army of Herod the Great would make an excellent ongoing ( groans of has he not got enough projects!!!) project for Basic Impetus. I have finished 98% of the Saxons and my ancient mojo still is going strong. Herod's army will provide me with a fascinatingly diverse collection of units to paint and not too much of a financial outlay. Opponents can be as diverse at the Nabateans,Ptolemaic army of Cleopatra not to mention internal opponents and Romans. More news later and a chat about unit types-work sadly beckons...


  1. You might find one of Ross Macfarlane's blogs of interest.

    His "Gathering of Hosts" blog is about his Ancient armies:

    While it isn't quite dead on target, you might well find it useful.

    -- Jeff

  2. Does that mean you'll have to field an opposing army of babies?