Saturday, 15 October 2011

And now for something completely different- another distraction...

I have been lurking around colonial blogs of late as well as diverse stempunky/vsf sites too. I have been inspired by what I have seen. I owned Space 1889 many moons ago and found it fascinating. So as half term has arrived I decided to seize the day - well give it a little grasp that is. I downloaded ( a terribly convenient way of spending money in the comfort of one's home...) the pdf of "When the Navy Walked" rules. I have a Spanish army and American army of the Spanish American war in 15mm. I intend to scratchbuild some landships and away we go!
Ideas,comments, strict instructions to return to the age of the tricorne,etc are most welcome...


  1. 19th century Colonial is one of my two favorite periods (the other being the 18th century).

    I have (so far) resisted blending over into VSF (Victorian Science Fiction) mainly because most of my Colonial troops are "true 25mm" and there isn't much in the VSF field that size (28mm seems to dominate).

    That being said there is no reason that you shouldn't have fun with it in your chosen scale.

    I can't suggest rule sets other than G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. which I have used as straight Colonial rules by ignoring the VSF elements . . . and it played fine.

    So have fun, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Ah, dispersion... Too often a source of discouragement, with too many irons in the fire none of the projects seem to advance at a satisfactory pace.

    What about playing 'SF' in 18th C. Tradgarland? Lacepunk instead of Steampunk?
    To closely associate two projects prevents despondency, any progress in one of them benefiting to both.
    So much the more as it would finely complement your '18th C. dungeon crawling' project....

  3. One of my (many) diversions is VSF, I have played GASLIGHT, there was the old Space 1889 "Soldiers Companion" which I didn't like, and have also started to look at FUBAR VSF rules.

    We have really enjoyed 2 Fat Lardies' Through the Mud & Blood WW1 rules, which we have used for 1920's games too, and it occurs to me they could be easily adapted to VSF given they are card based so lots of opportunity for odd stuff to happen.

  4. Re "LacePunk", my French 7YW army appears as an Empire army to play my son's High Elves, complete with Steam Tank and Hellblaster artillery...

    Also allows you to collect all the Sergeants you don't use into a Halberd unit :)

  5. I'm going to include some VSF elements in later games set in and around my Daftest Africa location. Like you, I'm going to blend Space: 1889 into the mix, especially some of the roleplaying elements.

    I find inspiration in many places. Major-General Tremorden Rederring's site has a wealth of m,aterial.