Thursday 13 October 2011

Casulty Markers...

In a fit of enthusiasm for a forthcoming Basic Impetus day event I made some "in period" casulty and disruption markers. Sadly the day sounds like it will not be coming to pass. Nevertheless I have some useful markers for the Nordic Bronze Age Scandanavians and also the desire to do markers for other periods too.


  1. Here is an idea for some more realistic (i.e., less disruptive to the dioramic look) shileds . . . and ones that are very easy to make.

    Go to someplace that carries thumbtacks and buy some. Not the plastic-headed "pushpin" type but the old-fashioned metal-headed ones.

    Cut off the pin and paint the remaining "shield" as you like.

    The thumbtacks that I use have a faint pattern etched into the metal that looks good; but plain ones work excellently too.

    Oh, and don't forget to paint the "inside" as well . . . that way it doesn't matter as to which face is up unless you want that to mean something different.

    -- Jeff

  2. Old round buttons work great too ... garage sale fodder