Saturday, 22 October 2011

Gods,Generals and Bordurians...

It has been good to be off at half term. The weather has left much to be desired but I have got things done and been out and about a bit.In to Edinburgh a couple of times and up to St Andrews etc.The 18th century Bordurians are moving on and I am quite pleased with them .There are now 40something( number not age that is) balkan irregs to paint which are undercoated and ready to commence.
I have finally finished the film "Gods and Generals" and really enjoyed it. I was most taken with Stonewall Jackson and when funds allow I intend to invest in a biography of him .I have now started "Gettysburg" which arrived the other day and have begun to watch it- missing Jackson already! I played a lot of ACW gaming in my uni days using Johhny Reb 2 which worked well and gave an excellent game too. I am tempted to dip a toe in this period again. I played " Brother against Brother" a few years ago but didn't like the mechanisms really at all.We shall see...
I am resolved too to get some games of Basic Impetus in. My LBA Scandinavians are still to be given their first game. Hopefully soon. I don't really like unhistorical opponent games ( no Charles the Bold versus Sumerians for me- that 's fine if it is your thing but it isnt mine) so it is really my fault!
I have been rereading Thomas Burnett Swann - looking out the book you see depicted here which I got circa 1978. I have soo enjoyed this tale embedded with Greek mythologies once more. If you haven't read any of Swann I urge you to do so. I you have read him it is worth returning to again.
Fired up by such reading I began to plan a Basic Impetus army based upon Greek myths such as dryads ,centaurs etc. I used the Internet to research this most pleasantly. However having found useful figures I am confronted with £6 a centaur or worse. I know they are lovely figures,someone has to design,cast and make a living but it does not make for an affordable hobby I fear . This plan will have to wait I fear!!!!
Oh by the way there seem to be a variety of BI fantasy rules out there - a tad confusing. But those centaurs are lovely....
I hop you enjoy the weekend whatever you do.Off for annual flu jab today and then begin the process of getting my mind into a work mode again!


  1. A number of comments/questions, sir.

    Did you watch the theatrical release of "Gods and Generals" or the extended Blu-Ray version?

    A lot of the old fantasy ranges had lots of inexpensive centaurs. I can even remember packs of them . . . I suggest that you keep an eye out on eBay, etc.

    And try to limit yourself (as I do) to no more than one or two dozen periods . . . and, yes, I know that I fail at that . . . but do try.

    -- Jeff

  2. The theatrical release version Jeff. I would have liked the directors cut one but is was only blue ray as far as I could see. We are a dvd household at the moment and I am a tad tired about the need to constantly "upgrade" ...

    The old centaur idea is great btw...

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  4. If you enjoyed 'Gods and Generals' you will love 'Gettysburg'. Personally I think that the scenes that recreate the fight for Little Round Top are amongst my favourite movies scenes, and rank up there alongside the final battle scene in 'Zulu' for its ability to 'Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
    Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage

    Watch and enjoy!

    All the best,


  5. I've not seen "Gods and Generals" and like you have only seen the longer version available for Blu-Ray.

    But Bob is right about the Little Round Top scenes in "Gettysburg" . . . excellent indeed.

    -- Jeff

  6. I had a couple of friends that participated in the "Gettysburg" movie as extras. They had quite the time apparently.
    About your problem with centaurs. I've just recently seen a posting on Wargames Factory's facebook page where some enthusiast purchased plastic Greeks and plastic horses and made his own conversions. They could use a little green stuff in spots, but if you're looking for numbers this might be the way to go. - Mike

  7. Alan,

    I don't know if you tried here for figures from Greek Mythology:

    I understand that you are thinking of mythic scotland now so not sure of how much use these will be.