Sunday 23 October 2011

Scottish Mythology for Basic Impetus...

I have been out to the Lead Mountain in the new garage...
I have been put off the Greek Mythological idea for Basic Impetus by the potential cost!!! I have, with a rummage out in the garage, come up with another idea/cunning plan based upon Scottish Celtic mythology. The fantasy elements will be allied to my Picts/scots.I have the fantasy figures and pict/scots already apart from one. Here are the ideas so far-
Firstly a unit of Sidhe-foot warriors from the Faerie Court as well as a chariot sidhe unit.Secondly a Fachan - a one armed,one legged giant armed with a massive club.Thirdly a waterhorse/kelpie to cause terror in opponents.Finally(so far) is the urisk/ourisk a Scottish equivalent of the satyr as a skirmishing /lurking type of creature. Back to work tomorrow so this may have to wait to the weekend...


  1. I like this idea! (being more enamored of mythology of the British Isles than southern/eastern Europe)
    I hope you will post pics of finished miniatures when you're done.

  2. Doing Hordes of the Things a Scottish friend of mine did a whole force of his own, including 'Ents' and some other woodland creatures.

    The large 'Ents' he made himself out of twists of wire and lichen.

  3. Murdock do you have photos? I would be most interested to see them...

  4. Great idea, and I love the Froud picture from the Faeries book. I had a similar project in mind years ago using a lot of Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds pixies and weird elves etc

  5. In the meantime, what happens to that poor Jesuit from Tradgarland you sent converting / exploring Tibet?
    Maybe he'll have to do some 'dungeon crawling' in the caves opening on the Shangri-La valley, in the hope to discover an entrance to Agartha? Let him beware the yetis, then...

  6. Sounds like an excellent idea, sir.

    -- Jeff