Saturday 5 November 2011


Morning all! Just finished watching the 2nd last episode of "Downton Abbey" on i player and thought I would check-in with you all. In my class at the start of the day each child says briefly how they are feeling and why after saying good morning.This is check-in. It is a useful way of gauging where they are "at" and seeing if further conversations are required...
Little to report- too caught up at work ( very depressing paper serving times of planning and recording, redeemed by working with the children-after all what it is really about) and busy at home ( not to mention a cold I seem to have had non stop for weeks- nearly 8 I think) too.In a result over tired! I have been watching "Gettyburg" and "Ride with the devil" on dvd of late and been reading around the acw. Some plans are forming with regard to this.
I have done little painting ( and remain a tad dissatisfied with my results) except for some Sidhe and a fachan for BI. Went to the local club and enjoyed a board game based on Formula One motor racing - nice mechanism with a different dice for each gear. Also saw a superb 15mm BI refight of Magnesia whilst there.


  1. Ah ! the 'Gettysburg' film dangerous stuff for the fertile imagination of a wargamer ! ( hence your inquiry to me on ACW rules - all is revealed !)

  2. I love the film Gettybury but I think Gods and Generals is better.

    What out for Downtown Abbey as VBCW will be next, lol.

  3. Re. painting your table. When you've decided on a colour just go along to your nearest B&Q and use their 'mix a colour' facility. In my case I took along the appropriate Humbrol tinlet (number 80) and got a tin of matching paint.