Friday, 11 November 2011

Cameraless upon the weekend...

Friday night at last...
In Service this afternoon was most interesting- a look at new technology in the classroom. I was most taken with the smartboard which could be used horizontally. We looked at Google Earth on it and I could help thinking it could be used as virtual terrain to wargame upon. This observation I did not share with collegues I might add- I am deemed eccentric enough I fear!
I have finished a number of Impetus bases this week and wanted to post pictures here- four highland heavy infantry and a fantasy unit in the form of a one legged,one armed ,club equipped giant called a Fachan.
Alas the digital camera is on the blink again.I will consult the experts- my daughters later. Off tomorrow to the wargames show at Kirriemuir. Always an enjoyable drive through lovely countryside followed by a cup of coffee in the town and an excellent pie in the show's canteen. Not to mention the games and stalls to peruse. We are not going to do a display game this year just to have a look around.Anyone readers of this blog going?


  1. I'm not going, Alan (!) but I wish you the joy of your excursion. I'd love to drop into a wargames show after the umpteenth week of crushing work!

    Have fun,