Saturday, 19 November 2011

This week in Tradgardland

Saturday here at last. I am sitting here with my coffee prior to getting a train into Edinburgh. I am taking my mother out Christmas shopping in her wheelchair to the gyle shopping centre. She can walk around the house but needs the chair to be transported in and for any distances. She rarely gets out so I hope she enjoys this one...

Last weekend saw the Kirriemuir show and it was good to catch up with people- esp the Tulloch brothers from my uni gaming days,putting a face to Republicofalnwick (from gwp3) and Phil Olley.The show was small but a good mix of traders.Not to mention Scots pies and coffee. What caught my eye was a superb battle of Harlow game with amazing hilly terrain and a 1920's Irish scenario with wonderful street scene with innovative buildings flanking a wide street.Figures could be put at windows from the table's edge. I browsed much at the b&b and traders,resisted some things and bought only a few Impetus bases from warbases.

Phil W ( my regular opponent and driver to the day) has given me two 24 fig Roman auxiliary eastern archer units to paint- thanks Phil,. One is Garrison and the other Greenwood and Ball- he has had them in his garage for myriad years.They will beef up my Romans excellently and enable me to deal more effectively with his ad69 revolting Germans under civilis or his Celts. Having come to the end nearly of painting my matched BI armies- Highlanders/Islesmen versus Scottish Fantasy I need to decided what to do next. I am tempted to tweak my vbcw forces for a game and need to paint only a few companies. Energy levels are low after a very demanding week at work,not to mention planning to do tomorrow so we will see.
Finally today's picture is of Jim's stout Syldavians which have set up camp here with me for the present. They are splendid fellows on parade as the photo shows and have settled well into their winter quarters here. Their days are spent drilling and their nights singing and telling tales,around the campfire, amongst the autumn leaves under the starry skies. I hope they will get an outing against the Bordurians very,very soon...


  1. The Syldavians certainly do look wonderful.

    -- Jeff

  2. Indeed!
    And good to see that despite your various periods of interest you don't forget the tricornes :)


  3. Alan,

    Those red-breeched fellows look great. I hope they brought their famous Syldavian fiddles with them to pass the winter hours in camp... Syldavians become troublesome when idle.

    Credit for the figures goes to Mr Lead Gardens ; I obtained them from him at auction - thank you very much! I hope that they perform well or I will have to rewrite some of Syldavia's history!


  4. Hope your Mum had a good day!
    These Syldavians look jolly good.

  5. Stalwart looking chaps, to be sure. Goof fortune favor them on the field of battle!

  6. A very smartly turned out regiment - I salute you Sir.

  7. I have got that Almark book as well - purchased as you say about 40 years ago !!!. I can still remember the excitment of it's arrival .