Sunday, 20 November 2011

Blue Sunday

My father brought this book home for me nearly 40 years ago.I have kept it ever since and it is falling apart. I took it out today to help me as I was painting my Perry acw figures. All was set up when I discovered I was out of light blue paint- so a change of plan saw me finishing my BI chaps instead.I hope to get some replacement paint at the weekend and begin to get the figures underway.

It being a milder day saw Jan and I getting the garden ready for it's winter sleep- tidying up and generally preparing for the quieter time in the gardening calendar.Yesterday's shopping trip went well and I enjoyed a quieter day today apart from infinitely tedious planning for work- a paper serving exercise in the extreme.


  1. Nice to see someone else still uses these older titles for reference. My Almaks still get regular browsings.

  2. An oldy, but a goody. I've been using colour cards from the Vintage Wargaming site relatively recently.