Wednesday 23 November 2011

Reading in Tradgardland...

I sent for this book at the weekend and it has arrived. It is a detailed account of the battle and looks excellent. I have just started it and am finding it an absorbing read. It will provide background to my current mustering of an acw force.
The two BI armies I was working upon are finished and based. I am not the best painter in the world but they will certainly serve. I am already thinking about the next BI army to work on. The size of army suits me as a small but interesting project . Must finish now as I have the 6.47 train to catch to work this Wednesday morning...


  1. I just finished reading a book of letters written by a man from my small town who served in the 140th New York Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War. He was in all of the big battles in the eastern theatre, but his letters are dominated by issues like what he has to eat, whether he has a dry place to sleep and the state of his clothing and shoes.Fascinating glimpse of war at the sharp end.

  2. Brilliant detailed book , with very detailed maps - one of my favorite ACW books !.