Tuesday 29 November 2011

Snowed under...

This day,St Andrew's Eve, sees me snowed under at work with a veritable blizzard of paper-serving exercises to complete.They (along with the ever changing goalposts) have left me very tired and very disgruntled. Last weekend was busy work and family wise but some hobby work was attempted. When I have picked up batteries for the camera I will post a picture or two. In the meantime I have posted some fascinating 18th century ( the gun is Napoleonic) winter transport solutions which I feel would grace any wargames table/imagination in miniature.


  1. I can see myself arriving at work in the more ornate sledge. Chin up. Christmas holidays soon

  2. Imagine the effect of recoil on the sledge gun!

  3. Fantastic gun carriage. Where would I use one?