Saturday 12 November 2011

Painting pictures- camera restored...

Off to the Kirriemuir show in one and a half hours. Up on Saturday morning finishing my current novel,wondering what to read next and drinking coffee. I have fiddled with the camera and it is sort of working. If I fiddle with the buttons enough in ignorance it sometimes comes right. It has worked again-huzzah!
I am able to show what I've been painting . Some wolves to use for skirmish gaming and to pop into woodland during games just for fun. They can be used for the Syldavian forests and Tradgarland woods not to mention the Scottish Highlands. Next are the Medieval/renaissance highlanders- including the general's base complete with clan chief,bard,piper and strident cleric/domestic chaplin. Finally my Fachan. In BI terms he is as follows- Type= FP M=10 VBU=7 I=3 & VDU=3
He is the first of my mythological chaps ready although the kelpie is nearly done.
Today I must pick up some more bases from Warbases ( excellent local company who make bases,movement trays and buildings- just gogle them) to carry on with the BI work. Have an enjoyable day one and all.


  1. Hope you had a good weekend. The Fachan is an interseting figure, what make is that?

  2. Celtos from Alternative Armies if I recall correctly.I bought them upteem years ago.
    BTW I loved the picts on your blog.