Sunday, 6 November 2011

BI , Islesmen and Iona

Thirty two or so summers ago I spent time during my summer holidays on the beautiful island of Iona. One year I worked as a volunteer on an archaeological dig ( to investigate the Columban Monastery) and other years I volunteered or cooked at the Youth Camp on the island. I had super times and went back sometimes for reunions betwixt Christmas and New Year. I loved the island and found it inspirational and hope to return en famille one day...
When there I often went into the small museum and gazed upon the stone effigies of medieval highland warriors. Today I was rummaging around the shed ( as part of my tidying/rationalising/rummaging for figures outings) and came upon enough figures to do a Basic Impetus Highlands and Islands army to go alongside the Scottish Mythological one I am still working on. A very pleasant time was spent touching the figures up with paint and sorting them into prospective bases/units.


  1. A Highlands and Islands army sounds like an awesome idea.

  2. Great looking figures. I remember a very early Time Team when they reconstructed one of these chaps and I rushed out a bought some in 15mm....still haven't painted them yet and that was in the mid 1990's.

  3. Wonderful stuff - but aren't we now to understand that those poor Vikings were terribly misunderstood. Devoted to trade and other peaceful pursuits.