Friday, 6 January 2012

Health Warning 2

I knew it would happen. Whilst taking down the Christmas  decorations and throwing out old papers and extracting articles from magazines prior to recycling I came across the two books pictured here- Funcken and Haythornthwaite. I have kept them since I started ( and eventually downsized when moving 15 years or so ago) a Revolutionary War  set up circa 1989.In the Funcken I found Nafziger orders of battle now mottled at the edges and scribbled upon with notes about the Hincliffe Survorov Russian and French I bought then.

Anyway I spent part of yesterday looking at the books which are excellent and filled with superb pictures and info.Something came back to me that Jean Louis said about an integrety of my Tradgardland blogging/collecting etc. It started me thinking about the Duchy of Tradgardland in 1792- a conservative state which has retained it's army since the SYW more or less the same ( ie my current Ducal 25mm army) and faced with the Revolutionary Gallian (French) forces and their new tactical doctrines. I imagined the Gallian Duc de Padirac leading an emigre unit ...
 Wargamers Annual 2012 you have a lot to answer for :)


  1. that looks like a super book - plenty of inspiration there

    -- Allan

  2. Uniform books are a dangerous mistress...

  3. That's a beautiful book full of colourful inspiration. No excuses for lack of fancy flags. I've had my copy a long time, and one of my vignettes (still to be photo'd for my blog) is based on one of the pictures.

  4. Looks like a very nice book. Not my period at the moment but i would be nice to have in the bookshelves

    best regards dalauppror