Sunday, 15 January 2012

A question of scales...

I thought I would post a picture to compare the size of a couple of cyclist figures I own. The smaller is a Dixon's miniature which will be used for a VBCW, probably as part of a Welsh Nationalist recon unit. The larger one is a 54mm cyclist for my Funny Little Wars/ Big Wars project. I am painting him as a Swiss cyclist circa 1914 for my Army Red/White as it is known. The army name relate to the army Red and Blue used in  H G Well's "Little  Wars" book- without which our hobby would not have begun. 54mm is fun to paint and a good change. I have a blog dedicated to my 54mm modelling and my love of period photos and paintings of around 1900 to 1914.It can be found at
Army Red White and others  h
Do pop by and have a look. Over the short time I have had it I have found quite a diversity of pictures depicting armies of the time ,have a look back when you are there...


  1. Thats like land of the giants. Lovely figure and I cant wait to see the whole unit.

  2. Hi Alan, tried to leave you a comment on the Army Red/White blog but Google wouldn't play ball!

    Glad to hear you've overcome the malaise, I have the same problem from time ot time - butterfly brain + too many projects = hopeless confusion. Just before Xmas I made a list of all the outstanding projects I could think of to help put the problem into perspective and start working through (some of them had been in the cupboard for over 15 years!) Since the New Year I've knocked off three of them and I have to tell you that every time I cross one off the list the sense of achievement is monumental.

    Hope this helps, best wishes, Brian

  3. The Swiss fellow looks rather sharp.