Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Health warning required?

Yesterday I ordered a book over the phone from Caliver and it arrived today- splendid service indeed! The book (Wargamer's Annual 2012) is fantastic and inspirational.Packed with great articles and ideas it is just what one needs on a dreek Scottish evening.However I fear it should carry a health warning for what it could do to one's bank account! Loads of ideas for new periods, scenery etc.Steady in the ranks I say! I am rather too tempted by the emigres and the Revolutonary War...
I was really interested to read of the reissue of the Grant's WW2 book with additions- oh no another temptation.


  1. It's a good book alright. I have a complete set. Definately one to do damage to one's bank balance.

  2. Must be good, must be good, must be good...only a few days into the New Year and already temptation beckons!

  3. Mr. Grant and his sometime associate Mr. Olley have a lot to answer for. They regularly blow great gaping holes in my wargame budget!

  4. A nice little read; plenty of ideas in it - if you follow them all up budget busting would occur.

    -- Allan

  5. Interesting... might need to order a copy...thanks for the tip.

    best regards Dalauppror